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Dr. Julia Kinder's daughter, Ella, was diagnosed with Down syndrome, yet she learned to read by two and a half years old. Learn more.My Baby with Down syndrome, Ella, began reading at 19 months. She is now successfully completing 4th grade at
her own age level, in a regular classroom – without an
aide. Babies with Down syndrome can Thrive!
                                           - Dr. Julia Kinder, "Mom"

Your Baby with Down Syndrome can succeed; the future for your baby
holds endless possibilities.

Welcome to My Baby with Down Syndrome, your source of information on
how to maximize your child’s developmental potential.

Babies with Down syndrome can learn – and want to. Discover how to
teach your baby, following the blueprint Dr. Kinder created for the
success of children with Down syndrome. Based on years of research
and proven success, her techniques are fun and easy to learn.

Go beyond just surviving a diagnosis of Down syndrome, to thriving.
Become a Thrivalist™ & Celebrate the UPside of Down!

Down syndrome Success Simplified! Learn more.

Dr. Julia Kinder, her husband Mitch, daughter Ella, and twins Dexter and Paxton pose for a picture on the beach. Read on and learn more.You have arrived at Dr. Julia Kinder's website, a comprehensive resource to ensure the Success of Your Baby with Down Syndrome. Through research, working one-on-one with hundreds of families, and proven success, Dr. Kinder has created a blueprint to show you how to maximize the developmental potential of your child. Putting together the pieces of the Down syndrome puzzle, Dr. Kinder simplifies parenting a child with an extra chromosome.

Overwhelmed with all there is to learn about Down syndrome? Worried about your child's future? Uncertain how to begin teaching your baby? Dr. Kinder outlines the exact steps you need to take, showing you how to easily incorporate teaching into your daily routine, saving you time and frustration so that you can relax and enjoy your new baby.

Dr. Kinder spent years researching how to maximize the development of children with Down syndrome because her own daughter, Ella, was diagnosed at birth. Because of the educational techniques Dr. Kinder developed, Ella met all developmental guidelines on time and began reading at 19 months of age. Since then, Dr. Kinder has assisted dozens of parents of children with Down syndrome, helping each family maximize the developmental potential of their precious baby.

You can take advantage of Dr. Kinder's extensive knowledge on Early Childhood Education and Intervention with her ENK™ Early Childhood Education Products for your baby, and her new Down Syndrome Thrival Guides for parents (coming soon!).

Learn how to maximize your baby's developmental potential with proven techniques developed by Dr. Julia Kinder for her own daughter, Ella. Dr. Kinder has successfully utilized these techniques to help many other parents of babies with Down syndrome from across the United States.

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"It is possible for a child with Down syndrome to succeed in their education and in a career later in life," explains Dr. Julia Kinder. "However, it is crucial to start teaching your baby as soon as possible, as 95% of the brain develops between birth and age 5. This is the easiest time to teach children, as thousands of new connections are forming in the brain and because children are eager to learn. I designed products to teach Ella soon after she was born, and by two and a half she was reading over 150 words. Ahead of the developmental schedule, Ella began kindergarten a year early. And even more exciting is that Ella is now successfully completing her elementary education, at her own age level, in a regular classroom – without an aide."

Understanding that Down Syndrome Awareness is also vital to the future success of children with Down syndrome – because it eliminates myths and removes barriers - Dr. Kinder developed Awareness Products to make it easy for other parents to get involved. Dr. Kinder also lectures to audiences across the country, giving accurate and inspiring information on Down syndrome.

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Go beyond just surviving a diagnosis of Down syndrome, to thriving. Become a Thrivalist™ and Celebrate the UPside of Down!

Down Syndrome Celebration - National Down Syndrome Month October 2013 - Join Dr. Kinder and help show the medical community, society, and new parents the 'UPside of Down™'.

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