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Celebrate the UPside of Down Syndrome!

Celebrate the 'UPside of Down' Syndrome with Dr. Julia Kinder! Read on and learn more.You have arrived at the UPside of Down Syndrome Celebration web page! This is your destination to Celebrate all that makes our kids so great!

This is The Place to connect, share, learn, experience, grow…and to thrive with the diagnosis of Down syndrome. Whether you are struggling with a new diagnosis, working through transitions, or just looking for advice – or hope – you'll find it right here, Right Now. Go beyond just surviving Down syndrome, to thriving. Become a Thrivalist.

Dr. Julia Kinder will share stories of inspiration and hope throughout the year. Children with Down syndrome can excel, and out-perform society's expectations. Your baby with Down syndrome can Succeed!

Go beyond just surviving a diagnosis of Down syndrome, to thriving. Become a Thrivalist™ and Celebrate the UPside of Down!

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You can help maximize your baby's developmental potential by starting Early Childhood Education and Intervention as soon as possible.

"It is possible for a child with Down syndrome to succeed in their education and in a career later in life," explains Dr. Kinder. "However, it is crucial to start teaching your baby as soon as possible, as 95% of the brain develops between birth and age 5. I designed these products and techniques to teach Ella soon after she was born, and by two and a half she was reading over 150 words. And even more exciting is that Ella is now successfully completing her elementary education, at her own age level, in a regular classroom - without an aide.

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The UPside of Down 2012 Photo Contest and Video Revisited!

Last year we hosted a Photo Contest to Celebrate National Down Syndrome Month in October. View the photos for inspiration!Last year Dr. Kinder hosted a Down Syndrome Photo Contest in honor of National Down Syndrome Month in October. We received amazing photographs of children with Down syndrome bursting stereotypes by simply being themselves. We decided for this year's Celebration that we'd bring back memories and share these gorgeous photographs. You can view the photo entries below (click "Read More") or click on the beautiful little girl to the right.

Dr. Kinder also created a short video for the month-long celebration. This video is intended to introduce people to the "UPside of Down" concept. Click "Read More" and watch this video, Right Now!

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UPside of Down Syndrome Celebration Video 2012

Our children with Down syndrome are Amazing!

UPside of Down Photo Contest 2012 - Entries

Take a moment and view these photos of children with Down sydrome BURSTING stereotypes by simply being themselves! Such an inspiration!

The Photo Contest was so much fun! Click here to view the 2012 UPside of Down Photo Contest entries!

Celebrate the UPside of Down!

Dr. Kinder's Down Syndrome Petition

To help make a real difference in the lives of the parents and their babies with Down syndrome, Dr. Kinder set up a petition. This petition is aimed at the medical community and requests more training on Down Syndrome for medical students and medical staff.

Please sign Dr. Kinder's Petition, which requests more accurate training for medical students in regard to Down syndrome. Click here.Unfortunately, the diagnosis of Down syndrome is often given in a way that makes parents worry unnecessarily. Often, parents don't receive vital resources and aren't told about The UPside of Down syndrome. Things can change if we pull together and tell the medical community the time has finally come to change the way the diagnosis is presented. Would you please join us by signing this PETITION and asking your friends and family to do the same?

Sign the Petition - click here

Nearly 3,200 people have signed this petition, but we still need your help to reach our goal of 5,000 signatures by the end of the year. Please add your name and help Dr. Kinder make a real difference by providing medical students proper training regarding Down syndrome.

Social Media & Online Support Groups - More Down Syndrome Resources

Click here for Dr. Julia Kinder's 'UPside of Down' syndrome FACEBOOK Support GROUP1) The UPside of Down Facebook Support GROUP

In 2012 Dr. Kinder took Social Media to the next level and launched a Facebook Group to support parents of children with Down syndrome. This Facebook Group is the place where we can all share our experiences, trials and joys, of raising a child who has Down syndrome. Join the UPside of Down Facebook Group for free - click here.

2) The UPside of Down Facebook PAGE

Dr. Julia Kinder launched her Facebook Page several years ago, and by the end of 2012 her Facebook Page had thousands of followers. Dr. Kinder's UPside of Down Facebook Page now has nearly 3,000 followers who are interested in Celebrating the UPside of Down! Please HELP US reach 3,000 Likes on Facebook. LIKE Dr. Julia Kinder's UPside of Down Facebook Page, Right Now, and stay connected.

3) Dr. Kinder's UPside of Down BLOG

Dr. Julia Kinder's Blog has been live since 2011 and is full of great tips and interesting conversations regarding Down syndrome and raising a family while having a career. Come join in on the fun, and share in the laughs while also learning something. Start reading Dr. Julia Kinder's Blog today!

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Down Syndrome Celebration - National Down Syndrome Month October 2013 - Join Dr. Kinder and help show the medical community, society, and new parents the 'UPside of Down™'.

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