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Down Syndrome Expert

The Challenge: Dr. Julia Kinder, Down Syndrome Expert

Dr. Julia Kinder, DO - Physician, Down Syndrome Expert and AdvocateWhen her daughter Ella was born, Dr. Julia A. Pewitt Kinder's life was changed forever. Julia and her husband Mitch were given the news in the hospital right after Ella's birth, Ella was diagnosed with the genetic disorder Trisomy 21, which most people know as "Down syndrome."

Her love and passion for her daughter Ella, led Dr. Kinder on a search for knowledge. Using her skills as a physician, Dr. Kinder spent night after night working at her kitchen table with laptop in hand, working well into the night. Dr. Kinder's passion was to develop an educational system that would provide Ella with the best possible chance at a living to her full potential, while enjoying a successful, rewarding, and fulfilling life and career as Ella grew older. Dr. Kinder knew from her Medical Education that early childhood education is the key to a successful future for all children, as 95% of a child's brain develops between birth and age 5 years old.

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After investing months working tirelessly on a system for her daughter Ella, the resulting hand-made products were then utilized by Dr. Julia Kinder to teach Ella to read as she continued to improve the individual items to maximize their effectiveness and the time constraints needed. Dr. Kinder created a system that she could easily uitilize throughout the day during times that Ella was awake and "Mom" was there, times such as: feeding time, playing time, sleeping time, and even while in the car traveling to appointment after appointment.

Ella started reading by 19 months old, and could read over 150 words by two and a half years old. Ella has stayed on track developmentally with other children her age, and she is successfully completing her elementary education with all the other children and without an in-class aide. So based upon this personal success, Dr. Kinder took her system and hand-made products and developed actual products that other parents could use. Dr. Kinder now offers many of these Early Childhood Education products for sale on this website (http://mybabywithdownsyndrome.com/my-baby-with-down-syndrome/). Dr. Kinder has chosen to use only the highest quality source materials for her products, and these Down Syndrome Resources get results by turning every moment into a learning moment for your baby with Down syndrome.


Thoughts into Action: Dr. Julia Kinder, Down Syndrome Expert

Dr. Julia Kinder, DO - Physician, Down Syndrome Expert and AdvocateShortly after Ella's birth, as Dr. Kinder was developing the Early Childhood Education system to teach Ella, she also began to ponder the life that her beautiful daughter would live. It was not long before Dr. Kinder realized that the general public's perception and attitude toward babies and children with Down syndrome would also pose a challenge, because the notions that these children form about themelves as infants and toddlers carries through into adolescence and adulthood.

Dr. Julia Kinder did not want any limitations or skewed expectations to be imposed upon Ella, and this led her to create the UPside of Down™ Syndrome Awarness Campaign to, "smash misconceptions and open people's minds towards acceptance and understanding of our amazing children," as Dr. Julia Kinder explains herself.

Once again, Dr. Kinder's love and passion for her daughter Ella, led Dr. Kinder to act by becoming involved and speaking on the topic of Down syndrome to groups across the country since 2007. By using the knowledge she acquired to help her daughter and her medical comprehension as a physician, Dr. Kinder now provides lectures and presentations as well as one-on-one consultations with parents, spanning several areas relating to Down sydrome. As a Down Syndrome Expert, Dr. Kinder is sought to speak across the country on the topic of Down syndrome.

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Dr. Kinder provides a number of innovative and web-based methods for the parents of children with Down syndrome to gain valuable insights as well as Celebrate the UPside of Down syndrome! Her Blog is read by hundreds of parents of children who have Down syndrome, and her expertise on the intellectual development of babies born with Down syndrome is sought across the world. In support of Down syndrome, Dr. Kinder provides her Blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, a free Smartphone App (for iPhone and Android), and an online store filled with useful and celebratory products and services for babies and children with Down syndrome.

Dr. Kinder's goal is to assist other parents of children with Down syndrome, who are eager to maximize their child's developmental potential. She does this by providing consulting and unique products designed for children with Down syndrome.

Dr. Kinder also offers families and their friends fun, practical, and useful ways to promote Down Syndrome Awareness. When myths are dispelled, barriers are removed from children with Down syndrome, giving them every possible opportunity.

Dr. Kinder began consulting and coaching new parents of babies born with Down syndrome in her native state of Missouri. She now has clients worldwide. Dr. Kinder assists new parents of children born with Down sndrome by providing one-on-one Consulting (i.e., "Individualized Success Plans"), providing access to herself through emails and phone calls as well as visits when location is not an issue.



Down Syndrome Celebration - National Down Syndrome Month October 2013 - Join Dr. Kinder and help show the medical community, society, and new parents the 'UPside of Down™'.

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