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Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Cards

  • Fitness Flash Exercise Cards by Dr. Julia Kinder. You could be exercising Right Now™ - even while sitting at your desk!
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Product Description

Exercises you can do throughout your day during your normal routines such as folding laundry, brushing your teeth, watching TV, even sitting at your desk at work! Exercise anytime, anywhere, and at any fitness level!
Think you don't have time to exercise? If you brush your teeth every day, you have time to get more fit! Every bit of exercise counts - even if only for 1 minute - and so you don't need to add extra huge blocks of time into your day to exercise. Exercise during your normal daily routine as you're waiting in line at the store, doing laundry, or listening to voice mails in your office.
Dr. Kinder designed the exercise fitness cards (flash cards) with her busy patients in mind. These exercises are easy to perform and persons of any age or fitness level can incorporate them into their daily routines to tone up, trim down, and get strong.
Simply select 1 to 3 exercises each morning and place them at home, work, or in your car to remind yourself to exercise. Over 30 exercises are included that can be done anytime and anywhere are included with photo demonstration and directions. The targeted muscles are highlighted in red on the photos. You don’t need extra exercise equipment and you don’t even need to change into your workout clothes! It really couldn't be any easier to get fit Right Now™!
No other online exercise program or fitness program is so easy to implement!
[Note: If you would like to receive a personal one-on-one Fitness Consultation (Fitness Coaching) from Dr. Julia Kinder, or to schedule her to speak to your local group about the Exercise Right Now™ concept, please see here - http://www.juliakinder.com/exercise/index.php#fitnessconsult ]

Product Videos

Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Cards by Dr. Julia Kinder - Get Fit withOUT going to the gym (02:35)
This is "Exercise Right Now™" with Dr. Julia Kinder. In this video clip Dr. Julia Kinder explains the "Right Now" concept regarding exercise and how her Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Cards play a role. Learn how to stay fit and feel great without needing to find another hour to visit the gym.Exercise can be incorporated into the things you do every day such as sitting at a desk, waiting at a red light, playing with the kids, watching TV, folding laundry or even while washing the dishes!Dr. Kinder's Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Cards provide you with an easy mechanism to get fit and stay fit without needing to find another hour in the day to exercise.Want more energy? Want to be fit and stay fit? Want to loose that little extra tummy fat you have? Want all this withOUT spending hours at the Fitness Club every week?This video will open the door to new thinking about exercise and staying fit and healthy.Created by a busy mom, practicing physician, national speaker, and fitness instructor - Dr. Julia Kinder!More details here - http://store.juliakinder.com/exercise-right-now-fitness-cards/#topofcontent
  • Exercise Right...
    This is "Exercise Right Now™" with Dr. Julia Kinder. In this v...

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Product Reviews

  1. This is so simple and yet so effective! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jan 2013

    As a man who struggles to stay fit because of my crazy busy schedule everyday, I can't believe just how easy it was to implement this technique into my BUSY day!

    Thank you Dr. Julia for promoting such an innovative and truly unique approach to exercise and fitness.

    Now I'm thinking I want one of the Fitness Consultations (coaching) that you offer. One-on-one communication between us would be of great benefit I am certain. Expect an email soon!

  2. Can't believe how easy and effective it is 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Dec 2012

    I purchased these cards after hearing Dr. Julia Kinder speak about Exercise Right Now at a Health & Wellness Conference recently.

    This concept and technique seems too simple to be effective, as I needed no exercise equipment and really no extra time out of my day - which was a real problem for me as a busy working mom. But sure enough in just a few weeks I have already lost a couple pounds and I feel great!

    I can't believe that doing these exercises throughout my day - a few minutes here and there as I do other things that need to get done - would work so well. But it does!

    Thank you Dr. Julia!

  3. Bum crunches 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Nov 2012

    I'll never stop at a traffic light again without thinking about "bum" crunches!

  4. How to exercise Right Now changed my life! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Nov 2012

    Dr. Kinder's presentation on how to exercise, Right Now™ changed my life! She was very motivating and gave practical advice that I started using even before the lecture was over. These cards show you how.

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