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Teaching My Baby & ENK™ Educational

Early Childhood Education Products - ENK™ Educational & Teaching My Baby - Make the Most of Every Opportunity to Teach Your Baby

95% of the brain develops between birth and age 5, it is imperative to teach your child as soon as possible! Read on and learn more.Dr. Julia Kinder's childhood education products make teaching your baby fun and easy! Created in accordance with childhood developmental guidelines, they were developed specifically for busy parents. You will find peace of mind knowing you are utilizing every possible moment to enhance your child's development, without adding extra time to your busy schedule. Children enjoy the increased attention from mommy, daddy, and other caregivers while you help them help build their developmental potential in an entertaining way.

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Your baby eats at least 3 times per day; why not make meal time an educational time as well? Large, colorful, & absorbent - the bibs not only make clean-up easier, they are educational, too! These Educational Bibs serve as reminder to teach your baby (from birth to age 5) at meal and snack time, and include instructions for educational games to play while your baby is eating.

The Word Family books teach your baby how to read, and are sized perfectly for use at home or on the go. By teaching your baby to read before age 3, you can greatly increase her educational intelligence for the rest of her life! (Note: Dr. Kinder's Word Family books will soon have a Smartphone App version!)

Dr. Kinder's own daughter Ella, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth, learned how to read by 19 months of age and stayed on track developmentally. These techniques work! See the video here -

95% OF A CHILD'S BRAIN DEVELOPS BETWEEN BIRTH & AGE 5. This time is critical in maximizing your child's potential, and is the time when your child has an incredible ability to learn vast amounts of information. Dr. Kinder created these products with busy parents, curious babies, and childhood developmental guidelines in mind. Make the most of every opportunity to teach your baby.

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